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What's New at the Shelter

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our website. Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund has been busy raising money for the Apache Junction, AZ’s Paws and Claws Care Center and they have been busy as well managing all of the stray and surrendered dogs and cats that have come into the Shelter. A lot of these pets come to the Shelter in poor health or injured and need extensive medical attention before they can be put up for adoption. So far this year, Saving Paws has paid for the veterinary care for 20 animals, at a cost of over $18,000. Raising that kind of money requires a lot of work on our part, but it is a labor of love. The joy of seeing a once unhealthy, suffering animal leave the Shelter, happy and well and in the arms of a loving adopter makes all the work worth it. To be sure, we cannot do this without our caring and generous donors and not a day goes by that we don’t thank you and appreciate you.  We want to share with you some of the stories of our growing Saving Paws Family. Each of these wonderful animals has been given a second chance at happiness and good health and is now in his or her “forever” home with people who love them.  

Gracie Mae

Little Gracie lived in horrid conditions with a hoard of other animals. The animals came to the Shelter where they were treated and cared for until new owners could be found for them. In Gracie’s case, under that mass of hair was a sweet little 8-year gal. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, she had several health issues, including multiple mammary tumors. Saving Paws took her under its wing and arranged for surgery to remove the tumors before they could metastasize and even multiply. Gracie survived the extensive surgery, including a spay, and is now happy and healthy in her new home.  

Gracie after being confiscated.jpg

Gracie after being confiscated

Gracie after Groomer.jpg

Gracie after 3 hours with the groomer

Gracie Now.jpg

Gracie now!


JJ was surrendered to Paws and Claws after her owner died and no relatives could care for her. Even though she’s an older dog, JJ has a lot of life and a lot of love left in her. Sadly, her teeth were in terrible shape and eating was extremely difficult and painful for her. Highly adoptable, but difficult to place with expensive and necessary surgery in her future, Saving Paws agreed to pay for her dental surgery. JJ’s surgery was extensive and expensive since 14 teeth were extracted. In spite of a painful mouth, with her good looks and loving personality, JJ was actually adopted before her surgery. According to her new family, they wanted to adopt JJ as soon as they met her, but wouldn’t have been able to afford her surgery.  Having the cost of her surgery covered by Saving Paws allowed them to adopt her. She even has a new sister! JJ/Emma is truly getting a second chance at a happy, pain-free life.  


Found tied to and tangled in a bike behind an abandoned house, little Bruno was close to death. At 6 months of age and weighing less than 3 pounds, Bruno was malnourished and suffering from pneumonia. Turned in to Paws and Claws as an abandoned animal, it was apparent this little guy needed help and soon. Saving Paws quickly agreed to cover whatever medical costs were necessary to save his life. While Bruno is still recovering, he has been adopted by a family that is “over the moon” in love with the little guy. Bruno is one of the lucky one and can look forward to the life he deserves.  


Sweet Farah was surrendered by her owner who was no longer able to care for her. She had a large tumor on her ear that needed immediate attention. Saving Paws found a foster for her and arranged for a visit to the vet for an assessment of the tumor. The medical exam showed that the tumor was likely malignant and surgery was scheduled for the next day. Farah’s ear had to be removed and a biopsy of the tumor showed that it was indeed malignant and aggressive. Because there is no certainty that the malignancy has not spread, Farah’s future is uncertain. As luck or good fortune would have it though, one of the volunteers at Paws and Claws agreed to adopt her and let her live the remainder of her life in comfort and with love.


Poppy was brought into the Shelter nearly 8 months ago. Only a few days old, she was near death from malnutrition and low body temperature. Fortunately, one of the Shelter’s experienced neo-natal kitten fosters was there and immediately took little Poppy home where she fed and put into an incubator to warm up. Fast forward five months and while Poppy was thriving, she was suffering from chronic upper respiratory congestion. Several trips to the vet and numerous tests and courses of antibiotics did not resolve the problem. Finally at the suggestion of the wonderful vets at San Tan Animal Hospital, Poppy was referred to Desert Valley Veterinary Clinic. Having eliminated all other possibilities, Poppy underwent a rhinoscopy to look inside her nose and sinus cavities. Sure enough, the surgeon found and excised a huge polyp that was obstructing her breathing and beginning to impact her ability to swallow. Less than a day after surgery, Poppy, for the first time, is breathing normally and enjoying life. Without this surgery, Poppy would likely have eventually died from an obstructed trachea or throat. Little Poppy is available for adoption, but only if the perfect adopter can pry her from her foster mom’s arms!


Sweet little Rio had an eating disorder. He liked to eat rocks whenever he went outside. Suffering from significant health issues herself, Rio’s owner could not afford the major abdominal surgery to remove the rocks or the energy to monitor him every time he went outside. To save his life, he was surrendered to Apache Junction’s Paws and Claws Care Center to get the expensive and emergency surgery he needed and to find a more suitable home for him. Saving Paws was there to cover the costs of the surgery and to help find a foster for him while he recovered. We are happy to report that all 40 rocks were successfully removed from Rio’s stomach and he has been adopted by a great family who have a yard with no rocks. Rio is now healthy, happy and munching treats, not rocks.


Rio after his abdominal surgery to remove 30 rocks!

New "PUP" Program

Saving Paws is excited to announce a new opportunity to serve Apache Junction’s pet owners and their pets. In partnership with Apache Junction’s Animal Shelter, Paws and Claws Care Center and The Puppy Mamma, a local non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing pregnant dogs and their puppies, we have created the “Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies or “PUP” Program.  The PUP Program offers help for AJ families whose dog has recently had an unplanned litter. Through what is commonly known as a “last litter” program, all puppies from these litters will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and adopted out. The Program will also arrange for the mamma dog to be spayed and vaccinated at no cost to her owners.

By participating in the PUP Program, you will get peace of mind knowing that the “fixed” puppies will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem and neither will your mamma dog.

The Paws and Claws Care Center works with our Community members to reduce pet overpopulation, prevent unplanned litters and to ensure that every pet lives in a loving and caring home. Saving Paws and the Puppy Mamma are pleased to work with Paws and Claws to further this mission for all of AJ’s pets. Want to know more? Please contact Paws and Claws at 480/983-4405.  

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