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Their Stories and Happy Endings


Before you read any further, please think about this.  Don’t think about this as just another sad story about an animal in need.  Think about what is behind the story.  Think about the life, a living, feeling life that has been forever changed, in a good way. Think about the kind and generous people who have helped to save this animal’s life, think about the pain that has been relieved, think about the love this animal will have and will give, and think about the family who will welcome this animal into their lives and feel it’s love.  That is the real story here. Now here is Popeye’s “story”. 

In June, in the middle of the day, a little kitten was lying on the blistering hot asphalt in the middle of the road in Apache Junction, having been hit by a car.  Countless cars passed by, ignoring the helpless, tiny creature until an angel stopped his truck in the middle of traffic, picked up the injured little kitten and wrapped him in his shirt.  Not caring about his plans, this wonderful man (God Bless you, whoever you are), immediately took this injured kitten to Apache Junction’s Paws and Claws Care Center.

The wonderful staff at the Care Center immediately began giving the kitten fluids to rehydrate him and assess his injuries.  Fearing a broken leg, the staff called Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund to see if we had the funds to pay for a medical evaluation and any follow-up that might be needed.  Because of recent generous donations, we had the funds, and immediately said “yes”.

The staff called San Tan Animal Hospital to make an appointment.  San Tan said to bring him in immediately and they would fit him into their already full schedule.  Before taking him to the vet, the staff named him Popeye. At the hospital, X-rays proved that Popeye, indeed, had a badly broken femur, but miraculously, no other injuries.  Because Popeye was only about 5 weeks old and malnourished, the vets wanted to wait until he was stronger and able to survive surgery to repair or remove his leg.  So, Popeye went to an experienced foster, with pain medication, to grow stronger.  In foster care, Popeye gained weight and in no pain, began to enjoy being a kitten, despite his wonky leg.


Fast forward two months.  After two follow-up assessments, the vets determined that the leg had not healed properly and that the nerves in the leg had been damaged.  They decided it was in Popeye’s best interest the remove the leg.  Popeye went in for his surgery on August 26 and is beginning his recovery in his foster home.

This is obviously not the end of Popeye’s story.  We will keep you posted on his journey.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of a whole bunch of people since Popeye’s medical bills have reached well over $2000.  Now this is where we ask you for donations so that we can continue to share these stories about the lives your donations can and will save.  So, when you order that next beer, drink it, enjoy it, but think about what you can do with that extra $10 or $20 or $100 in your pocket.  Popeye would appreciate your donating it to Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund.    


Popeye being given fluids at Paws and Claws


Popeye going into surgery


Popeye hanging with some of his friends in foster care


Walter came into the Apache Junction Paws and Claws Care Center as a stray and with a badly injured eye.  Clearly in need of immediate (and probably expensive) medical care, the staff at the Care Center contacted Saving Paws to see if they could arrange for the emergency care Walter so badly needed. Within hours of his arrival at the Care Center, Walter was in surgery to remove his eye. After spending the night at the hospital, Walter went to a wonderful foster mom who cared for him through his two-week recovery period. Walter has turned out to be an amazing dog—well trained, loving and compatible with other dogs. He will need medication for his “good” eye to ensure it stays healthy, but otherwise Walter is going to be just fine. It looks like Foster Mom is going to keep him!!! He even got a new “do”. Another happy ending for a deserving dog.


Kinda funny lookin, but.....Seven year-old Tater recently came to the Apache Junction, AZ Paws and Claws Care Center as a stray. She has that look that says, okay...I’m so cute, I can make anyone smile and she’s right.  She has the personality to match. Tater has never met a stranger and greets everyone with a wagging tail and a kiss. As a middle-aged girl, she has a bit of wear and tear, so Saving Paws has stepped it to take care of her medical “repair” work. She has a mammory tumor that needs to be removed and is in need of a thorough dental overall.  With this done, she’ll feel as good as she looks and will make someone a wonderful companion.


Update: Even though Tater hasn’t had her surgeries yet, she’s been adopted by a young woman who saw her at the Shelter and fell in love. This young lady has had Bulldogs before and loves the breed. She recently bought her first home complete with a big back yard. A perfect match for our sweet Tater. Talk about a happy story—no tumor, perfect mouth and new family and home!  Yippee for the “Tate”.

Minnie Pearl, Our Smiling Dog


She definitely has the “AWWWWW” Factor. When this cute young hound/terrier mix came into the Paws and Claws Care Center as a stray early in February, her good looks and sweet personality generated a lot of “awwww’s” from everyone in the Shelter. The Shelter staff named her Minnie Pearl, a nod to the late comedienne, known for her sweet and endearing personality.


As with many of the animals that come into the Shelter, Minnie Pearl had some obvious, and as it turns out, not so obvious, medical issues. Knowing that her issues might be serious, Saving Paws was asked to pay her medical expenses. Never an organization to turn down a need, we agreed to take her on as another “deserving life to save”.  This is likely to be a long-term and expensive undertaking for Minnie and for Saving Paws. Her initial diagnoses included possible cancer or Valley Fever and extensive surgery to repair the damage her disease has caused.   

Update: Minnie was diagnosed with Valley Fever and a mammary tumor that has to be removed. We were extremely fortunate to find a Rescue/Sanctuary that has the funds, expertise and willingness to treat and care for Minnie. They will keep her in foster care until she is well enough to be adopted.  

Saving Miss Daisy


This sweet little girl was surrendered to the Apache Junction Paws and Claws Care Center. The owner knew she was sick but could not afford veterinary care. Daisy was lethargic and limping badly on one leg.  Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund gladly agreed to pay for her medical care. The shelter staff promptly took her to San Tan Animal Hospital for a thorough medical evaluation. Otherwise healthy, Daisy was diagnosed with Valley Fever, a highly treatable fungal disease when caught early. Daisy will have to be on medication for a while, but will be fine.  For more information about Valley Fever, please go to www.VCAhospitals/

Update: Miss Daisy, now Bindi, was adopted by a wonderful family who understand her treatment needs.  In fact, her human dad is a doctor and understands the Valley Fever recovery process. Her human mom is cooking up great meals for her to help her gain some weight. The boys in the family as well as the family cats love her as well. Bindi hit the jackpot with her new family.

Giving Chance a Second Chance


Chance was found by injured, scared and starving on the side of the road and taken to a local animal shelter where the staff veterinarian diagnosed Chance with a severely broken leg. Without the means to treat him, the shelter worried about his future.  As luck would have it, a staff member from Apache Junction’s Paws and Claws Care Center was visiting the shelter the next day and saw Chance. She immediately fell in love with the little 8-month old lab mix and arranged to have the shelter surrender him to Paws and Claws. She just knew that Saving Paws would step in to pay for Chance’s medical care. She was right and Saving Paws immediately arranged for a visit to the vet where the diagnosis was confirmed. The vets at San Tan Animal Hospital, where Chance was taken, said that his best chance for a full recovery was to amputate his leg. Surgery was scheduled and a foster was found to care for him through his recovery.

Update: Chance had completely recovered from his surgery and his foster parents have adopted him.  He is now a happy, healthy year old guy with a lab brother to play with. 



They never stopped looking…. This sweet old gal came into AJ’s Paws and Claws Care Center as a stray. She had a significant cough that the Shelter’s supervisors felt was more than just kennel cough.  Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund was asked to step in to pay for a medical exam for her. Sure enough she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This was difficult news for Saving Paws and the Shelter staff because this cute little girl was so loving and full of personality. Generously, one of the staff volunteered to take her home to live out her days with love, medical support and good care. 

What the Shelter staff didn’t know, was that this amazing little dog was a much loved member of a family of seven. They had been desperately looking for her, but didn’t know to contact Paws and Claws. As luck would have it though, the network of animal lovers in the area shared the Shelter’s post about this little stray and somehow, some way her owners saw the post.


Glori, as we now know her name, was immediately reunited with her overjoyed family. They understand her medical condition and have promised to treat her with the medications provided by Saving Paws. At 14 years old, who knows how long she will live, but she gets to live out her days with her family. Thank goodness for the caring Shelter staff, Saving Paws and a family who never stopped looking.



Peanut was such a lovable Chihuahua. Unfortunately she had a condition called "Cherry Eye," which while unsightly and painful, is surgically treatable. Saving Paws paid for her surgery and the vet tech who assisted in the surgery fell in love with her and adopted her. Hooray for Peanut!



Charlie was a very friendly six-year-old tabby in desperate need of dental surgery. His owners surrendered him to the Shelter because they could not afford his much needed dental work. The Paws and Claws staff knew he needed the surgery before he could be adopted since he had trouble eating and his horrible breath would curl your toes. No one would even consider adopting him with such bad teeth and breath. Your donations paid for Charlie's extensive dental surgery and he is now in a wonderful new home with a loving family who will pay for any future medical care for him.

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