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Our Story

Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding for emergency medical, dental and rehabilitation care for the sheltered animals at Apache Junction, Arizona's City-run Animal Shelter. The Shelter is better known as Paws and Claws Care Center or simply Paws and Claws. 


Saving Paws was started by the volunteers at Paws and Claws to fill a gap in service. Due to on-going budget constraints, Apache Junction is unable to provide funding to meet many of the medical needs of the lost, abandoned or owner-surrendered animals that come into the Shelter, making otherwise adoptable animals difficult to adopt.    

Funds raised by Saving Paws are used to pay for those critical services that help the Paws and Claws animals find their best possible furr-ever home. ALL of the money donated to Saving Paws is used to provide necessary and life-saving care for the animals at the Paws and Claws Care Center.  ​Please consider donating to Saving Paws. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Come visit the animals at Paws and Claws, go to their website at, or send Saving Paws a message to learn more about the animals at the Shelter or to become involved in one of our fund-raising events.   

Our Partner — Paws and Claws Care Center

Paws and Claws Care Center is Apache Junction's Animal Control facility. Animals that are found or turned in by their owners find their way here for the chance at a new home and a better life. Many arrive needing immediate medical attention to survive and/or to increase their chances for adoption. As anyone who owns a pet knows, veterinary care and treatment is expensive. Our donations help these animals get the care they need to heal and to become adoptable.

Fry's Affliate Program

Add us to your Fry's Store Community Rewards! The more you spend at Fry's, the more they donate to Saving Paws. 


Register at a local Fry's to sign up for a V.I.P. card. You can then choose Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund (organization number EU948) under Community Rewards.

Now, whenever you shop and use your V.I.P Card, Saving Paws will get a donation from Fry's. (Check the bottom of your receipt to see!) We thank you for your contributions both big and small.  Every penny counts when it’s the life of a shelter animal.

Thank You . . .

Thank you to the following for your contribution to Saving Paws Rehabilitation Fund. We are truly grateful to have you! 

Paige Beville — Thank you, Paige, for co-founding Saving Paws, volunteering at the Shelter and raising money for the Shelter. We salute you!

Lorrie Woesner — Thanks to you, Lorrie, for co-founding Saving Paws. Without you, Saving Paws would never have come to fruition.  Thank you too for helping raise money through social media. Your fellow founder knows next to nothing about Facebook or Instagram.  Without you, we'd be standing on street corners begging for donations. You are amazing!

Howard Hinkle and B&H Auto — Howard, your consistent support is truly appreciated! Thank you for all that you do for us!

Joanne Springrose — Thank you so much Joanne, for your tireless efforts in assembling and creating the wonderful masterpieces that are our raffle baskets! We couldn't do it without you.

Chris Lee — Thank you Chris, for your wonderful and cozy blanket creations! We appreciate you.

Gayle Sires & Robert Walsh — Thank you from the doggies. :)

Laura — Thanks for creating our website and keeping it up-to-date.

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